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How to install Java on Windows Operating System?

In earlier post we learn about Java Virtual Machine (JVM), JVM is interpreter for bytecode in simple words JVM helps to run java programs in your system. To setup this JVM you need to install Java Development Kit also known as Java JDK which is free from Oracle.

To install this Java Development Kit follow the next steps –

Step 1: Downloading the Java Development Kit (JDK)

Open your favorite web browser and search for Java JDK Oracle you will find the link just open it.

Step 2: Java SE Downloads

Click on the Download button of JDK installation file.

(Optional: If you want to download an IDE for java then click on Download button of NetBeans)

Step 3: Select the installation file for your system

To download the JDK installation file you need to Accept License Agreement by clicking radio button and then click the link next to your Operating System.

Click on “Yes” button to proceed next step

Step 4: Open the Downloaded JDK Executable file

After downloading task is completed go to downloads location and choose the downloaded file and just double-click on the installer file.
Then Click “Yes” button to allow JDK installation in your system

You will appear the welcome screen of installer Click “Next” button to proceed
Then click “Next” button to accept the default installation (otherwise you can change the location of JDK installation files.) 

it takes few minutes to install, after the installation process is completed click on “Close” button.

Step 5: set PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables.
Installation process is completed but we need to set PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables to run java programs successfully.
A. copy the address of bin folder / directory of jdk
Go to location where you installed Java (which you selected in step 5) and then open jdk folder/directory then bin folder/directory and copy the directory address

b. Open System Properties and Select Advance System Settings
To Open System Properties just Right-Click start icon and select System option
Or Click Win + X key and the click “Y”
Click on Advanced System Settings.

C. Click on “Environment Variables” button to edit variables

Then click on “New” button of User Variables of your pc and insert JAVA_HOME as name of variable and insert path of bin folder as variable value.
Click “Ok”.

Select the Path variable from System Variables and click on “Edit” button ( or just double-click on Path variable )
You need to paste the address of bin folder of JDK and click OK button.
Remember that paste the address of bin folder after semicolon ( ; ) of earlier variable value.

Step 7: Installation and Setup process is completed
All process is completed its time to check installation
Just go to command prompt and hit the “java –version” command if it shows the version of java jdk then congratulation you have successfully installed java on your system.
If you have any problems in the installation process just comment below, we will solve your problem definitely.
Thank You! 
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